5 Headed R-Tard This is Awful... I Love It!

Following up two compilation appearances ("Rap Wrap Rap," on Legendary Entertainment's Grimey Groovz, and "Crap Rap," on their own Low Pressure Compilation), Heads one, two, three, four and five have taken time out of their decadent life to record ten skits and nine tracks (plus two bonus cuts) with help from the Moondogs and the Ugly, Stupid, Stinky Ferret. The title, This is Awful... I Love It!, aptly summarises the album. Simply put, the 5 Headed R-Tard is not politically correct (surprise, surprise, right?), touching on family favourites like Hot Carls (the previously released "Crap Rap," now called "Salle De Bains"), huffing gas ("Gas Owls") and flashing the blind ("Mopery [The Conviction]"), with other polite "dinner conversation starters" found here and there. But the five heads of the R-Tard demonstrate so much style during their attempts to offend that you absolutely must love it when they combine it with their stripped-down, but catchy, up-tempo beats. What they have captured with This is Awful... is a loose concept album that tells the story of the 5 Headed R-Tard; each song is preceded by a skit that helps put the song into the proper perspective for the life of the album's 5 Headed legend. Although the skits are what helps hold the album concept together, and may be humorous for a short while, you may find a need to start skipping them after repeated listens. The nine new songs and two previously released tracks, however, will be appreciated by fans of the Shapeshifters, Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MCs Wid Ghatz and other lo-fi hip-hop experiments, or people who want to hear some highly talented MCs get stupid for a full album. But for others it may be an acquired taste, like, say, a Hot Carl or huffing gas. (Low Pressure)