2 Chainz "FreeBase" (video)

2 Chainz 'FreeBase' (video)
While 2 Chainz cops to not respecting his elders on the title track to his recent FreeBase EP, the rapper has sent a salute to departed pop god Michael Jackson with an, ahem, thrilling new video behind the song.

Taking more than a few cues from the iconic, John Landis-directed "Thriller" video, 2 Chainz's latest visual smorgasbord likewise takes things meta as he and his poodle-skirted onscreen sweetie run into the walking dead. This then shifts to "reality," with 2 Chainz and his gal pal exiting a monster movie-screening theatre only to run into more brain-munchers.

If you're into zombie choreography or want to peep 2 Chainz sporting MJ's iconic red and black leather suit, you'll find the tribute down below.