28 Days UpStyleDown

Well it was probably inevitable that given the breakout success of our own Sum 41 there would be a flurry of activity from other suburban bands trying to cash in on the whole metallic mall-punk, hip-pop crossover thing. Like Ajax, ON's own affable goof-offs, Melbourne's 28 Days could easily be dismissed as just another trend du jour band were it not for their clever hooks and sense of humour. On the surface, their sophomore effort, which has already done gangbuster business in their homeland and Europe and is finally seeing a domestic release two years later, the lads take their affinity for East Coast hardcore, West Coast pop-punk and urban dance music and create an infectious, aggressive and melodic rock gumbo with some wicked beats you can dance to. Do not be thrown off by initial reactions or immediate comparisons to their Colonial brothers, this is better than the Sum of its parts. (Sputnik)