1208 Turn of the Screw

Bands often claim to have what they refer to as "punk pedigree.” While this usually amounts to nothing more than a worn-out copy of London Calling dating back to their high school days, 1208 can legitimately make such a statement. Lead vocalist Alex Flynn is the nephew of one Greg Ginn, founder of SST Records and member of Black Flag. So with their lineage down pat, can the band actually produce worthwhile music? Yes, thankfully their second release is further testament to their ample talents as bearers of the punk rock flag. Following in the footsteps of such acts as Bad Religion and No Use for a Name, 1208 play straight-ahead punk rock with strong melody and driving rhythm. The album’s standout, however, is the acoustic-based "The Saint,” which is one of the few tracks on the disc to really depart from the band’s more traditional sound. (Epitaph)