100 Demons 100 Demons

"Something terrible has crossed my mind” is more than an accurate invocation of a beefy record with nothing but rancid meat to offer. Completely understandable vocals put forward a tough persona that includes numerous Euro riffs into a chugging frenzy. It’s easy to visualise what this inspires and is intended to do. Double time is their most frequently used conjunction, creating a perfect fit with the rest of the Deathwish roster. It seems public hatred for beefed-up, singing vocals are at an all time low. The masses cannot resist the thick-necked howls that innately sound cheesy over forceful ballad moments. The music is what Entombed, Slayer, and Earth Crisis would have done collectively if they had formed a super-group and discarded any hint of imagination they posses. Pummelling riff after pummelling riff loses its integrity after approximately four songs. The Demons do stab at maintaining originality by using different archetypes as the apex to each song. The lyrics are easy to swallow as well as follow. Heart-wrenching confessionals such as "destiny never came” pour out into a pool of tears dried by chants of "burn down.” It’s an energetic but decisively lacklustre effort. (Deathwish Inc.)