Winona Ryder's L'Oréal Commercial Has Twitter Very Confused

The ad for hair products aired during the Golden Globes
Winona Ryder's L'Oréal Commercial Has Twitter Very Confused
While celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Natalie Portman used their platform at the Golden Globes to boost women in Hollywood, a L'Oréal ad that aired during the awards show broadcast has come under fire for just the opposite.
The controversial TV spot features an unidentified actress pacing around her dressing room, playing with her perfectly coiffed hair. In an expertly executed surprise, the actress is revealed to be none other than Winona Ryder. Text then scrawls across the screen, declaring: "Everyone deserves a comeback. Damaged hair deserves one too."
Most of the internet was too busy freaking out at the surprise reveal, but once the initial shock and awe wore off, a number of viewers took offence at the comparison between the actress's career and damaged hair.
Given the #MeToo and #TimesUp narrative that dominated this year's Golden Globes, many have called the company's hair product commercial tone-deaf, accusing it of placing emphasis on women's appearances rather than their work and activism.
Watch the commercial below, then see a selection of reactions to the commercial from Twitter.