Wild Boyz: Seasons 3 and 4

For the first two seasons, this post-Jackass adventure was an entertaining continuation of harebrained stunts mixed with nature trips and a dose of learning, albeit by the standards of Chris Pontius and Steve-O — two men who like to run around in g-strings. In seasons three and four, however, this dynamic duo have somehow raised their game and turned the WBz into some of the most enjoyable programming on television. Yes, it’s still the boyz risking their lives alongside professional predator advisor Manny Puig, but the lengths Pontius and Steve-O will go to fulfil the viewers’ sadistic tastes are like never before. Again, they scope out infamous regions for the wildest ideas and land themselves in such exotic locales as India, Kenya, Thailand and, uh, California. Gaining access to the Russian cosmonaut camp (where they give Steve-O a shot at vomiting in zero gravity) or spending time with the Aghoris, a cannibal tribe in India that drinks pee and plays with the ashes of the dead, shows an emphasis on taking it outside of just playing with animals. But testing nature’s patience is still a big-ticket event and jumping into an alligator hot tub, suffering the brunt of a cock-knocking Billy goat, facing a hotel-trashing orangutan and getting a full body massage from an elephant all prove that their ideas are still fresh and entertaining. The show is also challenging National Geographic for expert footage, as Pontius and Johnny Knoxville eyewitness an ultra-rare slaughter of sea lions by beaching killer whales. Escaping death, however, has become their best bit and the duo are getting closer and closer to meeting their maker each season. Dangling in a meat-filled hammock over a group of lions, allowing poisonous Mexican beaded lizards — a reptile with no known anti-venom — to walk all over their half-naked bodies, wrestling a 20-plus-foot, biting anaconda and playing in a dunk tank with piranhas are all jaw-dropping stunts to witness. And so is being anally raped by a llama, which is utterly scary. Plus: "Over & Out” featurette, "Top 10 Moments,” outtakes. (MTV/Paramount)