We Are One Step Closer 'Riverdale' Season 5 as Film and TV Can Start Production Again in BC

We Are One Step Closer 'Riverdale' Season 5 as Film and TV Can Start Production Again in BC
Following the COVID-19 shutdown, British Columbia is finally ready to restart its film industry, and according to Creative BC, production can begin immediately. This means, we may soon get more new episodes of Riverdale and finally Season 5.

On Friday (June 5), WorkSafeBC outlined its reopening guidelines for film and television production in the province, and like in Ontario, they come with various new safety measures. These include physical distancing, increased cleaning practices and establishing handwashing stations when filming.

Beyond that, WorkSafeBC is also encouraging crews to work remotely whenever possible.

"The province and WorkSafeBC support any type of production to prepare and restart operations by creating and implementing a WorkSafeBC-compliant safety plan," a statement from Creative BC, the organization that oversees film and TV production in the province, reads. "This includes commercials, domestic and international production."

While work can begin immediately, don't kept the cast of Riverdale to start getting back to work ASAP. 

As Creative BC points out, Canada still enforces a 14-day mandatory quarantine for anyone visiting from abroad. The organization also reminds us that BC has a ban on gatherings larger than 50 people, though it may not apply to some workplaces where 50 people can still remain inside while remaining six feet apart. As such, production crews must evaluate each project separately and on a case-by-case basis.

A full list of WorkSafeBC's film restart guidelines can be found online here.

But while WorkSafeBC has released its guidelines, there is also another hurdle for Rivderdale and various other made-in-BC productions. The provincial organization also states employers must also develop their own COVID-19 safety plan.

"Employers are required to develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan that outlines the policies, guidelines, and procedures they have put in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission," the organization stated. "Employers must involve frontline workers, joint health and safety committees, and supervisors in identifying protocols for their workplace."

This week, Creative BC informed Deadline that it is "working with an industry coalition to develop COVID-19 Safety Guidelines, which will be published in mid-June."

Keeping that in mind, sources who spoke to the publication do not think shooting will actually begin until after Canada Day, which is July 1.

With this still being early days in the restart plan, Riverdale producer WBTV has not yet responded to requests from Deadline on a more definite schedule of when production on the show could resume in BC. This means, unfortunately, that we still don't know when Riverdale Season 5 will actually arrive.

Riverdale Season 4 aired its finale back in May. In the time since, the show's Vanessa Morgan publicly called out the creators of the series for the unfair representation of Black characters, leading creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to issue an apology.