Toronto Police Discover "Person with a Gun" to Be 'Terminator' Cutout

Toronto Police Discover 'Person with a Gun' to Be 'Terminator' Cutout
It looks like the great Terminator takeover is happening much faster than we anticipated. Just yesterday, we learned that T-1000 technology was theoretically possible. Now, a cardboard cutout of the Terminator himself is wreaking havoc on Toronto.

Earlier this week, the Toronto police tweeted that they were responding to multiple reports of a "person w a gun" at Grange Ave and Augusta Ave:

While that's certainly a scary possibility, it just ended up being a representation of Arnold Schwarzenegger that's even more two-dimensional than the real thing:
Here's hoping the police don't fall for any reports of a short, wise-looking green man brandishing a glowing sword at any nearby comic book shops.