Toronto Is Getting a 'Seinfeld'-Themed Bar

Toronto Is Getting a 'Seinfeld'-Themed Bar
What's the deal with themed restaurants? Toronto's already got its Wilco sandwich shop and a Harry Potter bar, but it'll soon enter the realm of television with a Seinfeld-themed hangout.

As BlogTO reported earlier this week, a pop-up bar about nothing is set to open this summer near Dufferin and Dundas.

The bar was first announced via a Facebook event that promises a "parody" of the show's Monk's Diner (a.k.a. Tom's Restaurant) complete with a menu that includes "Kenny Rogers Chicken, calzones, No Soup For You, big salads, sexy pastramis, marble rye sandwiches chocolate babka, muffin tops, and more." The restaurant will also come with a gift shop that sells Jujyfruits and Junior Mints.

The bar is being spearheaded by Torontonian Mackenzie Keast. Speaking with the Toronto Star, he said, "We're all really huge Seinfeld fans and we knew that it's kind of this driving, cultural force even 20 years on and that people still are interested in it."

In a separate interview with the CBC, Keast said, "We want to guests to have a bit of fun with their bar and restaurant experience.... Toronto can take itself really seriously in this area and we want to give people an opportunity to just have fun."

Toronto's Seinfeld pop-up bar is set to open on July 15. In the meantime, watch a trailer for a film about Tom's Restaurant below.