The Do-Over Red Band Trailer

The Do-Over Red Band Trailer
From Billy Madison to That's My Boy, there are countless Adam Sandler movies that could've been called The Do-Over. Now, that title is finally getting used for one of the Sand-man's millions of upcoming Netflix movies.

This one sees our boy take more of a supporting role, with David Spade stepping into the lead. Spade is a loser whose life wound up a disappointment (complete with endlessly masturbating teen sons), and he gets a second chance through his old pal Sandler.

Sandler's an FBI agent, and for reasons unknown he takes Spade on a big mission. Then we learn his real motives — he's faked their deaths so that they can have a titular do-over.

For some reason, the trailer also includes a threesome wherein Luis Guzman and David Spade make eye contact the whole time. But at least it's not packed with the glaring racism that marred Sandler's wildly successful 2015 flick Ridiculous Six

Watch the trailer for The Do-Over below, and peep the poster (complete with Sandler's patented "shabadoo" face) above. The movie will hit Netflix on May 27.