Suicide Girls: The First Tour

Upon the realisation that Suicide Girls are not in fact a screamo band, a lot of confusion arises over what exactly they are. Founded in 2001 in Portland, Oregon by Missy and Sean Suicide as a quick way to make a buck off the internet, SG is an online community designed as an outlet for sexually confident females to model for erotic photos and keep daily journals. The First Tour is a DVD filled with highlights from their first tour as a burlesque act (yes, they dance too), interlaced with profiles of the ten girls who performed, as well as the naughty antics they get up to in their spare time. The profiles consist of short interviews with each girl that helps shed some light on their personalities, which are as colourful as their abundant tattoos. They also include each girl's onstage dance routine taken from their live shows, which usually end with a whole lot of nudity and sometimes even a whip cream and chocolate syrup wrestling match. Yes, it sounds like a (wet) dream come true for any emo kid with tats and a lip ring, but as you watch these girls unveil their shameless personas, eroticism quickly takes a backseat to desexualised fascination. In fact, the endless nudity crammed into the first 15 minutes alone strips this film of its intended "erotica" and these girls start to feel like either one of your bosom buddies or irritating hussies, depending on which side of the fence you fall on. The extras play a little thin, with tedious outtakes of Missy and footage of Snow getting a tattoo, but the retaliating van attack is worth a watch, as is their starring role in the Probot video. Definitely not recommended for everyone, The First Tour will find its audience rather easily, but for the curious Georges out there, check the website before you spend the money on this. (Epitaph,