Streetdance 3D Max & Dania

Streetdance 3D Max & Dania
Even though I hesitate to refer to Streetdance 3D as an actual movie, superficially coasting along on desultory, but pretty and energized, dance sequences and magazine-perfect, bulimic body types, it inadvertently squeezes in a bit of irony amidst the array of concepts and sequences borrowed from other flaky teen movies.

After progressive dance teacher Helena (a woefully out of place Charlotte Rampling) politely blackmails a team of street dancers to train, and work with, her ballet dancers in the hopes of injecting some passion into their performance, she advises choreographer and leader Carly (Nichola Burley) that their resulting dance routine should tell a story or be something of meaning.

Unable to get these classically trained dancers to drop their shoulders and embrace less conventional modes of movement, given the years of routine hammered into their brains, she concocts a creative way to follow this advice with her ballet-dancing love interest, Tomas (Richard Winsor).

The resulting performance and climax of the film are indeed peppy, propulsive and invigorated by some bright, defined 3D, but its story is glib and there's nothing of meaning beyond the obvious notion of two worlds collaborating to make something new.

It's merely choreography and movement for the sake of visual stimulation, which, sadly, is all that an audience for a movie like this expects. No effort is made to play on dance theory or notions of post-modern dance in relation to a theme of breaking the mould. Undoubtedly, music video directors Max and Dania have done a bang-up job providing coverage for the many dance sequences, taking advantage of available natural talent, but it doesn't amount to much more than fleeting visual excitement.

Beyond this, the flat dialogue, one-dimensional characterizations and dreadful acting do little to help the You Got Served meets Bring it On storyline. Despite this, Streetdance 3D still manages to be more affecting than either the Fame remake, Stomp the Yard or Step Up 3D. (Alliance)