Stanley Kubrick's Long-Lost 'Burning Secret' Screenplay Unearthed

The film is described as "the inverse of 'Lolita'"
Stanley Kubrick's Long-Lost 'Burning Secret' Screenplay Unearthed
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Although he's been dead for 19 years, Stanley Kubrick's influence lives on. In fact, the legendary filmmaker has been an ongoing part of the pop culture conversation. Earlier this month, he explained the meaning of 2001: A Space Odyssey and now a long-lost script has been discovered.

According to the Guardian, the script was found by Nathan Abrams, a film professor at Bangor University and a leading scholar on Kubrick. "I couldn't believe it. It's so exciting. It was believed to have been lost," he said of the discovery.

The film is called Burning Secret, and it's an adaptation of Stefan Zweig's 1913 novella of the same name. The script was co-written between Kubrick and novelist Calder Willingham. The film is set in a spa resort and sees a predatory man befriend a 10-year-old boy in an attempt to woo his mother.

"Kubrick aficionados know he wanted to do it, [but] no one ever thought it was completed," Abrams added. "We now have a copy and this proves that he had done a full screenplay."

Of course, that means the film could theoretically be made. But that would be a dangerous prospect — what if the screenplay fell into the wrong hands? Do we really want to see Michael Bay's adaptation of Burning Secret?