South Park: The Complete Sixth Season

The fouled-mouth fourth graders continue to roll on, but this time they are missing an essential element. Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone managed to go an entire season without the beloved Kenny, who was finally killed for good in season five, leaving Stan, Kyle and Cartman to find a replacement. Butters, Tweek and even a blossoming Bebe all fill the role of the fourth star of South Park but none of them quite feel right, leading to various Kenny-related episodes. After ingesting Kenny's ashes, Cartman begins to channel Kenny's spirit to the point of meltdown when the child within him finds Rob Schneider trailers hilarious, forcing Cartman to undergo an exorcism that transfers Kenny to a pot roast. Thankfully, in the last episode of the season, after Jesus and Santa team up together to unleash Rambo-like fury on the Iraqis, Kenny wanders back into South Park with little fanfare and claims he was just standing off to the side all this time. Thank goodness because even though Butters can be quite adorable, his Professor Chaos routine is played out, even if it's the cornerstone of the clever "Simpsons did it first" episode, in which Trey and Matt acknowledge that the cartoon dynasty has pretty much already covered all the angles. Luckily, The Simpsons haven't had episodes where people crap out of their mouths or build entire subplots on a gerbil escaping from a sex slave's ass. Like past DVDs, this collection only contains mini-commentaries from Matt and Trey as the lone extra, but it's always enjoyable to hear the creative duo add more fuel to their hatred of certain celebrities, such as phoney psychic John Edward, Subway spokesman Jared and Russell Crowe, who travels the globe to pick fights via his trusted tugboat, Tugger. Now more than halfway through the series, it's apparent that these DVD sets won't break tradition when it comes to extras, so it's best to just sit back and enjoy one of the most consistently hilarious shows on television. (Paramount)