The Simpsons: Season 10

In the land of The Simpsons on DVD, this tenth season (which aired in 1998/’99) is the tipping point, the moment when you decide if you’re going to collect all 18 (and counting) sets. If so, carry on. But if you’re thinking about getting off the train early, this might be your stop - for arguably the first time so far, season ten contains no truly classic episodes, and is overall the most mediocre collection. Of course for a show of such consistent high standards, there’s still plenty of fun to be found, most of it centred on Homer, who tries to sell school grease, becomes an inventor and personal assistant to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger (in their pre-divorce-battle days), goes to the Super Bowl and drives an 18-wheeler. Matt Groening remains effusive and enthusiastic on 23 commentaries, joined by occasional guest stars like Mark Hamill. Animation showcases and deleted scenes are expected at this point but montages like all of Bart’s crank calls to Moe are unnecessary filler. One might say that about some of this year’s episodes. The show remains sharp - Japan is one of the family’s more fun international trips, and the product placement takedown of the Canyonero is still timely - but this season, even the episodes you missed the first time around, feel familiar. Plus: commercials, Simpsons Movie DVD preview, more. (Fox)