No One Knows Who Wrote the New Steven Soderbergh Movie

'Logan Lucky' is credited to screenwriter Rebecca Blunt, who most likely doesn't exist
No One Knows Who Wrote the New Steven Soderbergh Movie
Move over, Baby Driver — there's a new auto-themed flick gobbling up accolades on Rotten Tomatoes. But while we know that Logan Lucky was directed by the always dependable Steven Soderbergh, it's actually unclear who wrote the acclaimed film.

The film's glowing reviews have been heaping praise on Logan Lucky's screenwriter, who is billed as Rebecca Blunt. According to The Hollywood Reporter, however, Rebecca Blunt doesn't actually exist. 

Adding to the confusion, Logan Lucky actors Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig all claim to have exchanged emails with Blunt during the production. She never visited the set, though they all chalked it up to the idea that Blunt lives in the United Kingdom.

There are a number of possible people that could be the real Rebecca Blunt. THR suggests it could be Soderbergh or his wife Jules Asner, who is an E! host and one-time novelist. Others have suggested that it's actually another E! host in John Henson, who was reportedly working on a script with Soderbergh a few years ago.

If Rebecca Blunt actually does exist, now would be a good time to make herself known. The buzz surrounding Logan Lucky has multiple agents and managers looking to sign her on.