Matty Matheson's Cookbook Is Coming to Vinyl

Matty Matheson's Cookbook Is Coming to Vinyl
Celebrity chef Matty Matheson explored the intersection of food and music with his very own festival earlier this summer, and he's now set to take things a step further by bringing 2018's Matty Matheson: A Cookbook to vinyl.

The vinyl edition of A Cookbook arrives November 22 through Roadrunner Records, and it features 12 recipes and the stories behind them, complete with narration from Matheson himself. 

A press release claims A Cookbook will be the first book of its kind to see release on vinyl. The collection will also be available through streaming services.

"Growing up, listening to all the bands on Roadrunner; Madball, Machine Head, Type O Negative, Sepultura and so on, they became the foundation of my music DNA," Matheson said in a statement. "I get the honour of being on that same label. To release this album is more than a dream come true, this is for every kid that can't play an instrument or scream into microphone but loves the fuck out of records; this is for all of us!"

The set arrives spread across a pair of bone-coloured LPs and features all new artwork in addition to a 40-page newsprint zine featuring the recipes/ingredients of each dish, along with a song pairing from the Roadrunner catalog selected by Matheson.

The vinyl edition of A Cookbook is now available for pre-order. Matheson is set to kick off a tour later this month, and you can find dates here.

A Cookbook (Vinyl Edition):

Side A:

1. Intro
2. Part I: Family - "Edith & John Matheson"
3. Seafood Chowder
4. Lobster Roll
5. "Lionel and Dorothea Poirier"
6. Roast Pork Loin
7. Pot Roast

Side B:

1. "Mom and Dad"
2. Mom's Cheesy Things
3. Broccoli Chicken Cheddar Curry Casserole
4. "The Spencer Family"
5. Chicken Cacciatore
6. Bologna Bowl
7. Part II: Cooking School and Restaurants - "Humber College"

Side C:

1. "Le Sélect Bistro"
2. French Onion Soup
3. Choucroute Garnie
4. "La Palette"
5. Venison Tartare with Warm Bone Marrow Drippings
6. Snails on Toast
7. "Castor Design"

Side D:

1. "Oddfellows"
2. Double-Bone Pork Chop with Maple Jack Daniel's Bacon Sauce
3. Grilled Quail with Smoked Quail Eggs
4. "Parts & Labour"
5. Nashville Hot Chicken
6. The P&L Burger