Know Your Budtender — Conor McColgan at Fire & Flower on Yonge

Know Your Budtender — Conor McColgan at Fire & Flower on Yonge
Fire & Flower is your guide to all things green. In a cannabis market that's filled with scientific breakthroughs and different strains to serve every personal preference, Fire & Flower's knowledgeable budtenders — or Cannistas, as they call them — are here to offer you simplicity and all the information and guidance to ensure you get the cannabis product that's best suited for you.
Conor McColgan, who came to Canada just last year from Ireland, is among these knowledgeable Cannistas. As a Lead Educator at the Yonge Street location, Conor does exactly that — he educates consumers on the intricacies of cannabis. "It's great to see a positive shift in public opinion and a more open-minded attitude towards cannabis."
Besides growing his knowledge of cannabis while living in Ireland, Conor also had a mild television career (sort-of). "I was once an extra on Game of Thrones. I played a wildling. Unfortunately, I'm not visible but I did get to be a part of The Battle of the Bastards which was really fun."
Conor's favourite way to consume cannabis, you may wonder: "I have a preference towards sativas. I like to smoke from my water bong. When smoking I like to watch a funny movie or play video games," he tells Exclaim!.
Get High with High Park
As a Fire & Flower employee, Conor has tons of experience with High Park, a licensed producer that creates fan favourites like Chowie Wowie, Marley Natural and Canaca. Just like Conor, High Park is passionate about providing the absolute best experience for any cannabis enthusiast that comes their way. 
"High Park offers a wide range of quality products covering flower vapes, oils and edibles, "Conor further explains to Exclaim!. Weighing in on the variety of products available, he mentions that some of his customer's favourites include, disposable vapes by Canaca, gummies and milk/dark chocolate by Chowie Wowie and hybrid cartridges and pre-rolls by Marley Natural.
Fire & Flower's budtenders, like Conor, understand the importance of keeping the line of communication open when purchasing cannabis. With Covid-19 restrictions in full swing, Cannistas aren't accessible in person right now, but customers have access to an online live chat where knowledgeable cannistas can answer any questions you may have. Fire & Flower allows for a completely personalized experience, with the ability to shop by your mood, category or brand.
Not only does Fire & Flower provide awesome resources online to ensure you get the perfect product, they also offer curbside pick-up in Ontario and FREE same day delivery if you order before 6 p.m.
Times are weird, but Cannistas like Conor at Fire & Flower want to ensure your experience is still exactly as personalized as it would be if you went in store.
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