Kevin Bacon Is Rebooting 'Tremors' as a TV Series

Kevin Bacon Is Rebooting 'Tremors' as a TV Series
He's had an amazing career and he's only six degrees away from everyone on earth, but Kevin Bacon's true masterpiece is arguably still Tremors. The 1990 cult classic birthed four sequels and a 2003 television series, all without Bacon. Now, however, he's returning to the project and rebooting it for television.

As EW reports, Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions have teamed up to develop a new show. The series will heavily involve Bacon, who's set to produce and act in the series.

Bacon is set to return as Valentine McKee, still battling underground beasties in the fictional Perfection, Nevada.

Andrew Miller is writing the adaptation, and the show is currently being shopped to multiple different networks.

Here's hoping they also get Reba on board for the reboot!