Indivisible Directed by Edoardo de Angelis

Indivisible Directed by Edoardo de Angelis
Courtesy of TIFF
Indivisible is a moving coming-of-age story about two beautiful sisters who are conjoined twins.
Angela and Marianna Fontana, two first-time actresses, do an impressive job of moving, walking, running, swimming, talking and even moonwalking as Dasy and Viola (Angela and Marianna Fontana), two 18-year-old girls literally connected at the hip who drive around in an old van with their seedy father, pothead mother and two gay uncles. Performing as totally in-sync singers at various First Communions and functions across Naples while making their father a small fortune, the more rebellious Dasy develops an infatuation with a rival music promoter.
Through a chance encounter with a doctor who specializes in the surgery, the twins discover that, since they share no vital organs, they could be surgically separated quite easily. Both terrified and excited by the prospect of no longer sharing a body, the twins begin rebelling against their overbearing father, who is equally terrified by potentially losing his cash cow.
The twins' tiny hometown of Caserta takes on a whimsical, fantastical charm despite its shabbiness, racial tensions and poverty, where a shotgun wedding in a dilapidated apartment complex is transformed by magic and beauty. As the twins take off on an adventure to discover a sign from God to go ahead with the surgery, they discover a world they were sheltered from, and it's a mean and selfish one. It's exciting out there for any teen girl, but will they still be able to handle it when they're divided?
Indivisible explores the idea of learning to let go and trust that your loved one will always be one with you — even when they aren't.