Here's What's Streaming on Shudder in December

Here's What's Streaming on Shudder in December
In the weeks leading up to Halloween, AMC Networks finally launched their all-horror movie service Shudder in Canada. Of course, late October is not the only time we crave some sweet, sweet horror. As such, here's a list of all the films hitting Shudder in December.

Most notably, the service will be the exclusive place to stream Rob Zombie's latest flick 31 as of December 7. The film, which premiered at Sundance earlier this year, follows a battle between some carnies and some bloodthirsty killer clowns. 

The TIFF/Fantasy Fest film Shrews Nest will make its Canadian streaming premiere on Shudder as of December 15. The 1950s-set film, directed by Juan Fernando Andrés, follows two sisters who must deal with sinister forces in their Madrid apartment. 

There are plenty of other films hitting Shudder this month as well. On December 15, the service will launch David Cronenberg's classic Rabid, the holiday-themed Black Christmas, Eli Roth's Hostel, Japanese supernatural thriller Ju-On: The Curse 1&2, the Christian Bale thriller American Psycho, the horror comedy Revenant and the classic An American Werewolf in London.

Since its launch, Shudder has also been home to an expansive Canadian horror collection. Dubbed "It Came from the North," the collection includes films like Bloody KnucklesThe EditorManborgThe Corridor, Fathers DayExit HumanityThe Last Will and Testament of Rosalind LeighMonster BrawlThe ShrineTucker & Dale vs. EvilFuneral HomeDeathDream and Haunter.