Here's What's Streaming on Netflix in December

Here's What's Streaming on Netflix in December
'Fuller House' photo courtesy of Michael Yarish / Netflix
Let's face it — you're already going to spend December laying around in your pajamas and getting fat on Toffifee, so you may as well use that as an excuse to binge on some Netflix. Fortunately, as always, the streaming behemoth is delivering the goods with plenty of new shows.

If you want a particularly guilty pleasure (and we all know you do, you filthy animal), the streaming service is bringing back its unspeakably popular Full House revival Fuller House for a second season. The show, which is proof that we are a broken and sick world that doesn't know what's good for us, will return on December 9. Other Netflix shows returning for a second season are Club de Cuervos (December 9) and Ajin (December 27). 

If you want to dig around and try to find the new Stranger Things, the service is also unleashing a slew of brand new shows, including Pacific Heat (December 2), Fauda (December 2), White Rabbit Project (December 9), Four Seasons in Havana (December 9), Medici: Masters of Florence (December 9), Dirk Gently's Holistic Agency (December 11), Nobel (December 13), Crazyhead (December 16), Call Me Francis (December 16), The Break (December 20) and Chasing Cameron (December 27).

If you crave some longform documentary series instead, the network will launch seasons of The Cuba Libre Story (December 8) and Captive (December 9).

As if that weren't more than enough original content to get you through the season, the network has also got the original films Spectral (December 9) and the Barrack Obama college biopic Barry (December 16). Then there are also new comedy specials from Reggie Watts (December 6), Ricardo O'Farrill (December 12) and Gabriel Iglesias (December 20).

If you're craving some film festival standouts, there are plenty hitting the service this month, including White Girl (December 1), Blue Jay (December 6), Other People (December 8) and Hunt for the Wilderpeople (December 24).

Other movies hitting the service include 12 Years a Slave (December 1), The Hurt Locker (December 1), Sin City (December 1), Calvary (December 1), Eagle Eye (December 1), Get On Up (December 1), Jumanji (December 2), The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (December 3), John Wick (December 4), Thor (December 9), Pitch Perfect (December 14), Captain America: Civil War (December 16), Annie (December 17), Miss Stevens (December 19), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (December 20) and Citizenfour (December 25).

You've also got some binging to do if you want to catch up on movies before they disappear. If, for example, you've yet to watch The Godfather somehow, you should do so by December 1. And if the new season of Gilmore Girls has you desperate to watch the movie version of Wild, you've also got to complete that before December 1.

Other movies set to leave the service include Bridesmaids (December 1), Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (December 1), Whiplash (December 8), Foxcatcher (December 18), Sinister (December 19) and Taken 3 (December 31).