Guelph Film Festival Unveils 2023 Lineup

The fest includes 10 feature films and four short series

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Oct 18, 2023

Guelph Film Festival organizers have unveiled details of the event's 2023 edition, and it's promising to be their biggest yet.

As announced on its official website, the upcoming fest promises to create an engaging cinema experience for theatregoers: "This year we are focusing all of our creative energy on doing live, in-person events better than ever — bigger, louder, quirkier, more playful, and more deeply thought-provoking."

The documentary-only festival will feature artful nonfiction films that explore the themes of social justice, the environment and community building. But, according to its website, that doesn't mean the event will always be so serious: "Joy can be a radical act. Sharing stories that matter is at the heart of what we do. And you never know which story will change you or the world."

The festivities will kick off on November 3 with a concert film about Toronto-based indie rock outfit July Talk's pandemic concert. Co-presented by Exclaim!, the feature film screening precedes an intimate conversation and performance by the band's lead singers, Leah Fay Goldstein and Peter Dreimanis. 

Screenings will take place at various venues throughout Guelph from November 3 to 11. Tickets for individual screenings are on sale now at Showpass

Check out the full lineup and get a glimpse of some of the films screening at the fest in the trailer below. 

Feature films:

July Talk: Love Lives Here (Brittany Farhat, Canada)
Unarchived (Hayley Gray and Elad Tzadok, Canada)
AITAMAAKO'TAMISSKAPI NATOSI: Before the Sun (Banchi Hanuse, Canada)
Silvicola (Jean-Philippe Marquis, Canada)
Lynx Man (Juha Suonpää, Finland)
Periodical (Lina Lyte Plioplyte, US)
Someone Lives Here (Zach Russell, Canada)
Hong Kong Mixtape (San San F Young, UK)
We Are Guardians (Edivan Guajajara, Chelsea Greene and Rob Grobman, Brazil/US)
Black Barbie: A Documentary (Lagueria Davis, Canada)

Short series:

Indigenous-Made Docs (Catherine Boivin, Ryan Haché, Ritchie Hemphill, Eric Janvier, Sean Stiller and Janine Windolph, Canada)
Eco Docs (Leanne Allison, Molly Dennis, Myriam Landry, Karsten Wall, Canada)
Morning Cartoons & Tiny Docs by Tiny People (Dani Sadun and Amanda Strong, Canada)
Pocket Series (Réal Junior Leblanc and Peter Hoffman Kimball, Canada)

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