Glasgow Record Store Lists Original Wonka Experience Backdrops for Sale

We want it now

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Mar 7, 2024

After the House of Illuminati's botched Wonka immersive experience went viral last week, a Glasweigian record store is selling mementos from the world of pure fabrication for charity.

Monorail Music has claimed a pal of their shop rescued event tapestries, which feature the AI art used to promote the attraction online. They're selling two original banners and a black-and-white piece of fabric used in the part of the exhibit where Kate Middleton an actor played the completely made-up villain, the Unknown.

The vinyl shop tweeted that all proceeds from the backdrops will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians. There are currently 30 bids for the goods, with the price currently standing at £340. If you want to place your own offer, the auction is running on eBay until next Thursday (March 14).

Last week gifted us with a giant offering of meme content beyond the Wonka experience, including overnight superstar Julie Ragbeer and the Duneussy popcorn bucket making its way to theatres. 

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