Finn Wolfhard Doesn't Want to Collaborate with Drake

No, it's not because he's seen *that* Drake video (he hasn't)

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Apr 1, 2024

With apologies to any Aubrey purists out there, we regret to announce that an Aubrey "Drake" Graham and the Aubreys collaboration might not happen any time soon. 

The Stranger Things star and the Aubreys vocalist-guitarist Finn Wolfhard was under the lamp for a Vanity Fair lie detector video when his interrogator asked if he'd ever want to make music with the hip-hop megastar. 

"I don't think so. I really like Drake, but we make such different music," he said. "Maybe if he wanted to do, like, an indie rock song, then great. Yeah, that'd be awesome."

Then, in a shocking, unhinged turn of events, the interrogator asked if Wolfhard didn't want to collaborate with Drake because he'd been on X (formerly known as Twitter) recently — seemingly in an implicit way to ask if he'd seen the leaked Drake nude video. 

Luckily for him, Wolfhard had no idea what they were talking about, bless his soul. 

"No ... What's going on on Twitter?" he asked innocently. "Is there something going on with me and Drake on Twitter?"

Don't worry, Finn, you don't have beef with Drake — unlike Kendrick Lamar, who still has yet to receive a real response for his ruthless diss verse aimed at Drake and J. Cole last week.

The actor does have beef with Americans, though. He also admitted on the lie detector that he prefers Canadians to our southern neighbours due to their impolite disposition. 

"I think there's a general politeness in Canada that you don't get sometimes in the States. Like, you don't get someone being like, 'Hey, fuck you!'" he laughed. "Which I've gotten in New York at least three times."

Check out Wolfhard's full lie detector test below, where you can find his Drake comments beginning at the 2:23 mark. 

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