Far Right Think Tank Claims 'Mary Poppins' Is Communist Propaganda

Far Right Think Tank Claims 'Mary Poppins' Is Communist Propaganda
With a looming Trump presidency, more and more North Americans are becoming interested in socialism. Perhaps those hard lefties should consider revisiting the classic Disney flick Mary Poppins. After all, if a conservative think tank is to be believe, the film is communist propaganda.

Earlier this month, prominent right-wing think tank the Fraser Institute published a piece entitled "Mary Poppins — song, dance and latent socialism."

In the piece, writer Jonathan Fortier suggests that the film promotes an anti-establishment message. "Some may remember the film for its magic, fantasy, song and dance," he says. "But I was struck by the film's latent socialist ideas and its implied attack on bankers and investment."

He continues:

Collectivism was not just political fashion, but heralded as the solution to a future of classless prosperity and financial stability. With the propaganda pushed by Russia and China, and the widespread infiltration of the Comintern throughout Europe and North America, communism increasingly came to be favoured by artists, writers and filmmakers. The criticism of the bankers and the celebration of the dancing chimney sweeps in Mary Poppins should be seen against this ideological background.

What do you think — is Mary Poppins more of a Marxy Poppins? Is it time for us to embrace supercalifragilisticexpeali-socialism? Will a spoonful of sugar help the capitalistic infrastructure fall down?

Thanks to Press Progress for the tip.