Drew Carey Would "Stick His Dick in a Blender" to See Phish Play the Sphere Again

"This is what it must feel like to cum with a pussy"

Photo: @drewfromtv on Instagram

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Apr 23, 2024

Las Vegas's Sphere certainly knows how to book bands with deeply dedicated fanbases, so it makes sense that they chose Phish to follow in U2's footsteps for a 4/20 residency. There's also no crowd better suited to trippy artistry on massive screens than jam band fans, who have a higher concentration of psilocybin in their bloodstreams than average, probably.

Regardless of your vice of choice, footage from the shows does look pretty cool. One such person sharing their Phish experience is The Price Is Right host Drew Carey, who was moved to break his Twitter X hiatus to share how eager he is to re-live the show.

"I swear I just talked to God," he posted. "I would give you all my money, stick my dick in a blender and swear off pussy for the rest of my life in exchange for this. Bro I met God tonight for real. I feel like I just got saved by Jesus no lie."

However, Carey's vow of abstinence was shortlived: "This is what it must feel like to cum with a pussy," he said later in the thread. "Because if it's even close I'm [flying] to wherever tomorrow and getting the best pussy money can buy. I don't need to be a man no more [if] it means I can feel like this all the time."

It is news to multiple Exclaim! staffers that Carey is a freak like this, but honestly, we're kind of here for it. Read his thoughts below. 

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