Diane Keaton, the New Queen of Pop, Covers Ariana Grande in Instagram Post

The video is an homage to Ariana Grande and a high-art experience

BY Kaelen BellPublished Sep 2, 2021

Diane Keaton is the new Queen of Pop.
In both a beautiful act of standom and a fearless piece of performance art, the Academy Award-winning actor has posted a video of herself covering Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" to her 1.9 million Instagram followers.
The 38-second clip features audio of Keaton discussing her love of Grande — "Ariana Grande is just amazing, so once in my life, just once in my stupid life, I just want to sing along with the amazing Ariana Grande" — before launching into a brief, experimental cover of "thank u, next" while a slideshow of pictures of Grande plays.
Imagine Fergie's National Anthem performance and Kim Cattrall's scatting video merged into one immaculate audio-visual experience. Thank you Diane!
The cruelly short video ends with Keaton saying "Ariana Grande is a genius and I'm an idiot, but so what, it was a lot of fun."
Grande was, of course, greatly flattered by Keaton's offering, commenting "I am having an out of body experience" and "Love you SO MUCH" beneath the video.
For your spiritual well-being, watch it as many times as humanly possible and wait with bated breath for the full length Keaton-Grande art-jazz collab album.
Experience it below.

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