Criss Angel: Mindfreak Season One

Is it possible to really like a show and really hate its star? If so, then I must love this show because I really despise the macho faux-goth rock star posing of Criss Angel, a street magician turned stuntman and illusionist. This two-disc set contains all 15 episodes of the A&E show's first season, as well as a few bonuses like "interactive illusions" (which didn't work on me, by the way) and commentary on two of the episodes. There is no disputing Angel's talents as a performer and magician. Some of his tricks are impressive, like when he turns himself into a human candle birthday present for his shocked mother or when he walks through a pane of glass or escapes from a casket just nanoseconds before it gets sucked into a wood chipper. Some of his other illusions are nothing more than stunts that you could see on almost any episode of Fear Factor. It's usually not the marquee stunt of any particular show that is the reason to watch, it's the David Blaine-like street performances where he gets up close and personal with awed spectators that are the most impressive bits. Plus: DVD-Rom steps to creating your own illusion. (A&E/Paradox)