Cineplex Launches Monthly Subscription Service

The theatre giant is offering one movie per month through the CineClub
Cineplex Launches Monthly Subscription Service
As the future of in-person theatre attendance hangs in the balance of ever-changing COVID restrictions, Cineplex is offering a fresh way to catch new releases in its Canadian theatres. Today, the theatre giant has launched CineClub, a subscription service for avid movie-goers.

For $9.99 a month, Cineplex is offering subscribers (who must be SCENE members over the age of 14) a chance to catch one "member-priced" movie per month — a discount compared to its regular ticket price, but a significant price difference for those who are used to unlimited streaming subscriptions. Guest tickets will incur additional costs.

For what it's worth, the subscription also comes with built-in discounts to Cineplex's concessions and games, and earns subscribers SCENE points, which are redeemable for more movie tickets.

"Whether you're an opening night diehard, an extra butter lover or a rom-com sap — CineClub is for you," the company wrote of the service. "Treat yourself to benefits that make movie night out even more exciting, convenient and rewarding!"

Surcharges will apply to movies shown in 3D, 4DX, UltraAVX®, IMAX®, DBOX, as well as VIP and ScreenX showings.