Check Out a New Trailer for Shawn Lee's 'The Library Music Film'

Check Out a New Trailer for Shawn Lee's 'The Library Music Film'
As previously reported, eccentric UK-based funk producer Shawn Lee is helming a documentary about library music, with the suitably generic title of The Library Music Film. Despite missing its crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo last year, production has continued, finally resulting in a new full-length trailer, which you can now get a glimpse of here at Exclaim!

Down below, you can watch the newly revealed trailer, which now clocks in at a hefty five minutes plus.

Speaking to Exclaim!, Lee has explained how we got here:

The film has been a dream project of mine for many, many years now. When Paul [Elliott] and Sean [Lamberth] (HutTwenty9) told me that they wanted to make this film with me, we swung into interviews within a week's time! Since then it has a gradual and by-any-means-necessary operation. We have nickel and dimed this project as we've went along, building organically along the way, each step leading to the other one.

I've interviewed musical heroes of mine in the process, and it gives me great pleasure to spread love for this music, and shine a light on these cult legends who deserve more recognition. This film is an absolute labour of love. We also got help from Tele Music Library to do the Paris trip, and made enough money from selling film posters to go to Rome. The crowd funding covered the L.A. trip and we paid for all the English travel out of our pockets.

Some of the Libraries have helped us with the licenses for the soundtrack, and I've swapped doing some new library music to license archive music, so it's been a hook or by crook scenario. It's heartening to see all the support and excitement growing around our film. We are genuinely inspired by this, and promise that this film will deliver on its purpose.

As previously reported, the film follow Lee from his London studio home base around the world, as he interviews some of the genre's greatest composers (Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield, John Cameron, Barbara Moore, Dave Richmond and more), goes behind the scenes at the big library publishers (Music DeWolfe, Warner-Chappell, Bosworth and KPM), and gathers insights from contemporary collectors and reissue labels like Jonny Trunk of Trunk Records, Quinton Scott from Strut Records and Fatboy Slim.

In addition to the interview subjects originally announced, getting the real story from all the great library artists and studios, the film's talking heads will also include Cut Chemist, Mark Rae of Rae & Christian, Matt Berry, DJ Format, and Adrian Younge.

The release date for the film has not yet been set, but you can watch the extended trailer now below.