Cameron Crowe Has a Joni Mitchell Biopic in Development: Report

The 'Almost Famous' filmmaker is rumoured to have had the film about his friend secretly in the works for two years
Cameron Crowe Has a Joni Mitchell Biopic in Development: Report
Photo: Joni Mitchell by Kennedy Center (left), Cameron Crowe by Philip Romano (right)
We haven't heard much from Cameron Crowe since his Showtime series Roadies was cancelled in 2016 after just one season and his 2015 feature Aloha didn't go over too well, but it sounds like he's gearing up to come back in a big (yellow taxi) way.

According to a new exclusive report from Above the Line's Jeff Sneider, Crowe and friend/collaborator Joni Mitchell have spent the past two years secretly developing a biopic based on the legendary singer-songwriter's life.

The mind behind the beloved 2000 auto-fictional classic Almost Famous is apparently set to write and direct a movie about the recent Gershwin Prize for Popular Song-winner — which he'll produce alongside his Vinyl Films partner Greg Mariotti.

Sneider's sources say that the nontraditional biopic will be more comparable to an autobiography, with Crowe's years of experience writing about Mitchell as a music journalist and their years of friendship. The singer-songwriter has reportedly been giving her input as Crowe has been writing the script. Since their lives have been so deeply entwined, this will be another deeply personal project for the filmmaker, which explains they've kept the process hush-hush.

"I'm told that the project is very much of Crowe's singular voice, it just happens to be Mitchell's story that he's telling," Sneider revealed, "so it's basically her life from the inside looking out, according to those familiar with the take."

"Every journalist has their dream list of interview subjects," Crowe wrote in 2000, as part of the introduction to the reprinting of his 1979 Rolling Stone Q&A with Mitchell. "Mine was Marvin Gaye, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. I never got to Marvin Gaye, but Joni Mitchell more than made up for it. My last cover story for the magazine, and still my favourite."

More recently, Mitchell gave a rare post-brain aneurysm interview with Crowe for The Guardian in late 2020. He also escorted her at Clive Davis's 2017 Pre-Grammys Gala, just under two years after she had the near-fatal aneurysm that has kept her from performing for the past several years — up until last summer's surprise set at Newport Folk Festival, that is. 

Mitchell is now scheduled to play her first headline show in over 20 years at Brandi Carlile's Echoes Through the Canyon festival in June.