American Comedy Club Rebrands as "Protest" to Stay Open During COVID-19

American Comedy Club Rebrands as 'Protest' to Stay Open During COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has rendered live cultural experiences practically impossible. While most of us are trying to act like adults and accept this disappointing reality for the greater good, others are finding loopholes to keep their events happening. Take, for example, a San Diego comedy club that has rebranded its standup showcases as "protests."

As CBS 8 reports, the American Comedy Co. in San Diego has temporarily changed its name to the "American Comedy Company Cultural Connection Communication Community Center." Its shows are now technically "comedy civil disobedience shows," its comedians are now "protesters" and its performances are "protests."

Nathan Donovan, the host of the club's open mic night, said, "We no longer have a stage. We have a 'protest platform.'"

Donovan added that the decision is in response to what he sees as hypocrisy on the part of the local government, who allow people to gather legally for protests but not family picnics. 

The "community centre" is keeping some precautions in place. Despite their capacity being 200, they're only allowing 50 audience members at once. Everyone must wear a face covering, and no food or alcohol is being served. Further, the "protests" are free to attend.

Donovan added that he plans to rebrand the club as a "church" next week.