Alberta's Government Believes 'Bigfoot Family' Is "Brainwashing" Children with "Anti-Oil and Gas Propaganda"

Founded under Jason Kenney, the Canadian Energy Centre claims the animated film is "spreading misinformation"
Alberta's Government Believes  'Bigfoot Family' Is 'Brainwashing' Children with 'Anti-Oil and Gas Propaganda'
Photo (left): Government of Alberta
After Corb Lund led the charge against coal mining plans floated by Alberta's provincial government, the Jason Kenney-led United Conservative Party has now set its sights on another perceived opponent of resource extraction: animated children's film Bigfoot Family, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

PressProgress points out that the Canadian Energy Centre — the provincial "energy war room" founded under Kenney to counter "domestic and foreign-funded campaigns against Canada's oil and gas industry" — has launched a website that alleges Ben Stassen and Jeremy Degruson's Bigfoot Family "is spreading misinformation about the oil and gas industry."

The site features a prewritten form email that "I ❤️ Oilsands" petrocultists can furiously fire off to Netflix executives in waging this supremely stupid bit of culture warring, with hopes that the streaming service elites will use their "powerful platform to tell the true story of Canada's peerless oil and gas industry and not contribute to misinformation targeting your youngest, most vulnerable and impressionable viewers."

"The movie — called Bigfoot Family — was number one in Canada and the U.S. when it debuted on the streaming service earlier this year — and peddles lies about the energy sector," the site reads. "It even shows oil being extracted by blowing up a valley using glowing red bombs that look like something out of an action movie."

Bigfoot Family, which landed on Netflix in late February, tells the story of the environmentally-minded titular character who seeks to preserve a wildlife reserve from a fictional oil company in Alaska, which plans to drop a bomb on a nearby valley with the aim of an easier extraction process.

"Brainwashing our kids with anti-oil and gas propaganda is just wrong — and Netflix needs to know that!" the site reads. But what of fossil fuel extraction's continued contributions to making this world ultimately uninhabitable for all of us? 

What's richer than the oilsands is the Canadian Energy Centre crying about lies and misinformation after biting their logo from a U.S. company, taking things too far on Twitter, and being a massive waste of taxpayer dollars

Won't somebody please think of the children?