2000 and None is a dark comedy about a palaeontologist who finds out he has a rare and terminal brain disease that gives him just five weeks to live. Guided by a series of hallucinations (cleverly executed as flickering home movies projected in unlikely places), he rushes to tie up all the loose ends of his life before it is too late. John Turturro is brilliant as the condemned man trying to make the most of his final days. His blunt acceptance of his grim fate is the comedic core of the film, as he forces the excellent supporting cast of friends and loved ones surrounding him into rapidly coming to terms with his condition so that they aid him in his preparatory exploits. Films about the terminally ill are usually treacly weep-fests, but Arto Paragamian makes his refreshingly unsentimental and truly hilarious. As a result, 2000 and None manages to be honestly touching without a trace of manipulation.