Second City to Open the Harold Ramis Film School

Second City to Open the Harold Ramis Film School
Comedy nerds with an interest in filmmaking, you'll soon have your mecca — Second City has just unveiled plans to open a new film school in Chicago. Dubbed "the world's first film school dedicated to comedy," it's also got an incredible name: the Harold Ramis Film School.

As Variety reports, the Chicago school will combine the Second City's improv curriculum with schooling on how to write, direct, produce and perform in comedic films.

Harold Ramis' contributions to comedy cannot be overstated, with high-profile gigs that included starring in Ghostbusters, directing Caddyshack and writing Animal House, among many others. Ramis passed away in 2014 at the age of 69.

In a press release, Ramis' widow Erica Mann Ramis said, "This school honors the memory of Harold and his legacy of identifying, mentoring and developing new talen. I am very proud and grateful that The Second City has chosen to pay this enormous tribute to my husband and his work."

Andrew Alexander, CEO and producer of the Second City, added, "Harold Ramis was the quintessential Second City writer/performer — intelligent, funny and devoted to the spirit of ensemble. His early mentoring of the Second City TV cast set the template for how that show would operate for eight seasons. His unselfish and generous spirit dominated the many wonderful films that he directed and wrote. I am thrilled by this opportunity to instill Harold's philosophy of successful storytelling in film in the next generation of artists."

Stay tuned for more information on the Harold Ramis Film School as it becomes available.