Sarah Palin Does Tina Fey Impression in Awful '31 Rock' Sketch

Sarah Palin Does Tina Fey Impression in Awful '31 Rock' Sketch
Over the weekend, Tina Fey returned to co-host SNL alongside Amy Poehler. Among their many fan-servicing sketches was the pointless return of Fey's viral Sarah Palin impression. Rather than sit back and watch Fey poke fun at her again, Sarah Palin has decided to turn the tables with a new parody of 30 Rock.

First, a caveat: The word "parody" here is used in the same way that it's used in the world of porn parodies or shitty fake Onion sites that are devoid of jokes. This video is, technically, a parody, but there's absolutely nothing funny about it whatsoever.

31 Rock is, instead, a promotional tool for Palin's new book Sweet Freedom: A Devotional. Along with Palin (who, admittedly, looks a lot like Liz Lemon in her oversized sweatshirt — but she's still not funny in any way), the video also features Senator Lindsay Graham and Palin's former running mate John McCain.

Worst of all, the video also includes an appearance from lovable 30 Rock actor Kevin Brown, who played Tracy Morgan's assistant Dot Com on the original show. Here, he endorses Palin's book, saying it's "politics aside, a great reminder of the pressures of PC culture."

If you want to feel really bummed out and possibly have your Christmas ruined, watch Sarah Palin's 30 Rock "parody" below.