Kick It with Salomon and Smith Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto ON, September 21

Kick It with Salomon and Smith Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto ON, September 21
"Our chemistry is undeniable" said the outgoing DeAnne Smith as she began the show with her best friend and fellow comedian Jess Salomon. Over the course of the show, Smith thoroughly proved her opening statement: Smith and Salomon riffed together like sisters, working along the same mental grooves and building on each other's thoughts to pack comedic punches with impressively spontaneous delivery. Though their fun, casual sensibility resulted in a somewhat looser and lengthier hour, it also provided a wonderfully cheery and supportive atmosphere for this lovely debut of their new monthly show.
Salomon and Smith started the show by encouraging the audience members to adventurously take a shot from their table, which would either be whiskey or apple juice. They also explained that they would give the best audience member a memorial award named after a woman they like, who amusingly wasn't even dead. Salomon and Smith then dove into their planned material: the two comics told a compelling anecdote about Salomon abandoning Smith when Smith called her at two a.m. and pleaded for Salomon to rescue her from the crazy pit bull that was charging at her door. Additionally, Smith and Salomon riffed a sweet observation where they compared discovering true love after years of dating to tasting a delicious tomato freshly picked from a small farm after a life of eating terrible pulpy ones from grocery stores.
Moreover, they each delivered material on their own: Salomon told a story about hooking up with her mother's friend who came to fix her computer, and Smith did some new material about how dating a woman who's only been with men before is fantastic because their standards for care are so low that just taking interest in their hobbies is amazing to them.
"Kick It" also featured several other comedians. Faisal Butt did some decent material about how he thinks his white friends are getting too laid-back because they make terrorist jokes about him, he punched up some jokes to prepare for his upcoming hour at JFL42, and he told a great narrative about discovering what he described as the "Netflix of porn" in a fertility clinic. Next, Amanda Brooke Perrin started her set with an amusingly intense dance break, then did some refreshing, honest material about how she just impulsively booked a trip to New York after breaking up with her boyfriend. Furthermore, she performed some hilarious material about her bad neck tattoo and how transition lenses are unceasingly grey and unattractive. To close the show, Cristophe Davidson delivered a witty pun about how he went "downtown" on women so much that he had a metropass, as well as a joke about how all humans are secretly disgusting which was entertaining, but more keenly sharp than funny.