​Kevin Hearn and Harland Williams Team Up as the Cousins for 'Rattlesnake Love' LP

​Kevin Hearn and Harland Williams Team Up as the Cousins for 'Rattlesnake Love' LP
Barenaked Lady Kevin Hearn and comedian Harland Williams are known to Canadians for their respective catalogues of work, but they've just unveiled plans to revive their joint project the Cousins with a brand new album.
As the moniker implies, Hearn and Williams are actually cousins, and while they've played music together on and off over the years, they haven't released anything together since 2004's The Love Song Years EP. That will change when Rattlesnake Love lands on March 17.
The 11-song offering was written and recorded at the Purple Pineapple Studios, with Hearn handling production duties.
"It's fun to make music that doesn't have to fit a certain criteria, whether it be regarding the style or sound, or who is going to be performing it," Hearn said in a statement. "I'm inspired by the adventurous works of artists such as David Lynch and Sun Ra. Harland and I go all over the musical map, from country to electro-pop."
Williams added, "Making music is like boiling a cob of sweet summer corn. You watch it roll around in the bubbles and scream in the steam until at last you think it is cooked. You grab it with tongs, smother it in butter, smear it all over your face and jam it in your crooked teeth. These songs came from deeply emotional places as well as insanely ridiculous places. It all has merit as long as you love the songs you create."
You can get a preview of the album's eclectic sounds by listening to the title track right now. In addition to the cousinly contributions, the song also features guest vocals from Carole Pope.
See the LP's full tracklisting and listen to "Rattlesnake Love" below.
Hearn's most recent solo album arrived as 2014's Days in Frames, and he recently joined Gord Downie for the live performances of The Secret Path. Following comedy specials for HBO, Comedy Central, CTV and CBC, as well as regular appearances on Conan O'Brien's shows, Williams now works as the creator on Disney Jr.'s Puppy Dog Pals.
Rattlesnake Love:
1. Behind The Glass
2. Rattlesnake Love
3. Bikini Baby Breakdown
4. Broken Angel
5. Tropical Horizon
6. You Can Lie
7. Power Pound
8. The Clown
9. Attention Earthlings
10. Lemonade
11. Lover's Heart