MacLean & MacLean's ​Honorary Juno Award Stolen in Winnipeg

The 1984 consolation prize was for "Best After Party"
MacLean & MacLean's ​Honorary Juno Award Stolen in Winnipeg
A Winnipeg man is asking for the public's help to recover a Juno Award that was stolen from his van yesterday (August 28) while he was moving.
Travis MacLean is the son of Gary MacLean from the comedy duo MacLean & MacLean, and the award that's gone missing from his van was a 1984 consolation prize.
MacLean & MacLean lost the Best Comedy Album to Bob and Doug McKenzie's Strange Brew that year, but MacLean & MacLean were gifted a joke Juno for Best After Party.
"It's a family relic and I was hoping to keep it as long as I could," MacLean told CBC. "It was a coffee table conversation piece. It was one of my prized possessions."
MacLean also said he was in the process of filing a police report and calling local pawn shops in an attempt to track down the Juno.
See a photo of the stolen award below via MacLean's Facebook page.