Get Some Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, September 24

Get Some Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, September 24
Get Some, Canada's one and only sketch comedy supergroup, staged an hour of baffling, twisted and uproarious comedy at Toronto's Comedy Bar Thursday night as part of JFL42. The first of three shows at the ten-day comedy festival was everything their audience has come to expect from the "Broken Social Scene of sketch comedy." It was clever and bizarre, with an ever-present penchant for the absurdly macabre.
Get Some's 11 actors, comics and writers include members of the Sketchersons, Tony Ho, Picnicface, and Peter 'n' Chris. By sheer numbers alone they're a spectacle, doubly so considering the necessarily vivid — read: loud — personalities of each cast member. The troupe's ability to share the stage between such a wide cast equally and constructively was impressive, though the fact that audiences left the show with multiple characters memorably portrayed by each member engrained in their memory is what sets them apart.
The amount of chemistry onstage — and presumably offstage considering the quality of the material as well as the relatively equal stage time allotted each cast member — is stunning, rare and special. It's hard enough to find chemistry in more conventional comedy duos and trios, let alone in 11 creative personalities all at once.
Their sense of humour often lands in the perverse jurisdiction between High School Musical and Eraserhead. Bright songs of teenage beach romances collide with entirely arbitrary murder. Logic makes way for anal dwelling ducks, werebabies and white reggae artists. Logic bows to Get Some.