​Andy Dick Fired from Film for Alleged Sexual Harassment

He also brought Shaun Ryder to the set, where he fell asleep and apparently disrupted filming with his snoring
​Andy Dick Fired from Film for Alleged Sexual Harassment
Comedy oddball Andy Dick has been fired from independent film Raising Buchanan following accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct on the set.
As The Hollywood Reporter details, the claims against Dick allege groping of genitals, unwanted kissing and licking, and sexual propositions to at least four members of the production staff.
Dick spoke to The Hollywood Reporter yesterday (October 30), confirming that he had been fired from the role.
The actor denied the groping claims, but said that it's possible he licked people and he did admit to making advances on colleagues.
Commenting on the specific allegations against him on the set of Raising Buchanan, Dick said, "I might have kissed somebody on the cheek to say goodbye and then licked them. That's my thing — I licked Carrie Fisher at a roast. It's me being funny. I'm not trying to sexually harass people."

Though Dick didn't deny propositioning fellow production staff, he said, "I didn't grab anybody's genitals. Of course I'm going to proposition people. I'm single, depressed, lonely and trying to get a date. They can just say no, and they probably did and then I was done."

Dick has a well-known reputation for exposing his genitals in public and onstage, and joked that the film crew knew "what they signed up for" by casting him. He did acknowledge the changing attitude towards inappropriate behaviour, however, adding, "I don't grope people anymore. I don't expose myself anymore. I do understand that the temperature in the world right now is delicate."

Not helping his case, Dick added: "I don't know the difference between sexual harassment and trying to get a date. In the '70s, all the girlfriends I got was by kissing and licking their cheek. I don't know anymore."
Dick's sobriety was called into question by some of his accusers, though the actor dismissed claims of intoxication as a medication mix-up that made him a bit "loopy."
The film crew also complained that Dick brought a guest to the set, who disrupted filming by falling asleep and snoring. Bizarrely enough, that pal is apparently Shaun Ryder from the Happy Mondays, who Dick describes as his "sober companion" and "best friend."
Ryder was with Dick during the interview with The Hollywood Reporter and chimed into defend the actor, saying, "I never saw him grope."
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