The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with K-os' Onstage Value, Vampire Weekend's Album Reveal and Whitehorse's Covers EP

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with K-os' Onstage Value, Vampire Weekend's Album Reveal and Whitehorse's Covers EP
Exclaim! readers always have a lot to say, and the last chunk of days was no different. Check out some of the standout responses we got in this week's Reader Feedback Roundup.

When K-os recently announced his Canadian tour, our readers weren't too excited. Telling-it-like-it-is FattyChris warned readers, "As much as I love his records he has been an absolute trainwreck anytime I've gone to see him your cash for someone who actually gives a shit about playing for his fans....bought the new record and love it....but wouldn't see him live if he paid me to go." He followed up with a few more thoughts, explaining that " be fair...his band was amazing....he was just wasted....forgot words...when he bothered to sing them....and its happened on more than one night when I've gone to see him....but was always a joy to watch."

Bryan backed FattyChris, saying, "I have seen him live twice and both were extremely poor performances. I'll never see him live again. But his albums are brilliant." Chris, an avid fan, came to K-os' defence, saying, "I've seen him 7 times in Vancouver and I've never had a bad experience. Will see K-OS every time he comes to town."

Vampire Weekend also garnered attention by posting a cryptic .gif, which was supposed to be a clue as to what the band's new album would be called.

Apparently, Judi Dench stopped by. Excited about the news she said, "OMG! This GIF makes me want to rub my poop all over my boobs!" which seems pretty characteristic of Ms. Dench, no? Creamy Wishes followed up with some misplaced frustration, explaining (and by "explaining" we mean confusing us all) that "You guys just don't understand what it means to like good music. You can take your arcade fire and frank ocean and shove it because vampire weekend is using innovative methods like gifs to promote their new music. They know that reddit can take gifs and thats where all the best music and audience is. you just wait, its so going to go VIRAL. See who will be laughing then, am i right?" Over on Facebook, we got a few guesses about what the gif. could mean, but Tim Spratt said it best when he said, "SO MUCH DECODING MAN ITS DIFFCULT."

Of course, Vampire Weekend later confirmed the album is called Modern Vampires of the City, which will arrive via XL on May 7.

Last to make the cut on this week's comment roundup were the fine folks discussing Whitehorse's live cover EP. Lord of Family Fountain T thinks the duo is "Riding on coat tails of other classic songs. I thought that was Q107," while Prince Royal Witty tried to live up to his name, suggesting that Whitehorse "should skip the tour and head for the Love Boat Cruise Line show. They love those tunes."

Knockedoutloaded disagreed with both: "That was amazing! I understood Canada and na na na na na na but still couldn't stop watching." He/she returned later to say, "Ok I'm on board. This is the best music I've heard in a long time."

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