Wednesday Night Heroes Guilty Pleasures

How Edmonton, AB’s Wednesday Night Heroes came into the sights of legendary old school (and decidedly Southern California-based) punk rock label Better Youth Organization is an interesting mystery. Why the label opted to work with WNH on this third effort is no mystery at all, however. An effort that seemingly shuns virtually all punk rock-influenced music created after the first wave of hardcore, Guilty Pleasures proudly waves its flag for the budding days of British punk rock, a time when the street level thrust of oi was colliding with blues-influenced snottiness. In essence, we’re talking about a hair’s breadth of time between the Sex Pistols and Cock Sparrer. Putting everything on the line as they’ve jumped from former home/springboard Longshot has proven to be just the kick in the pants these boys needed. The exuberance, nervous tension and anticipation have been shaken, not stirred, into one liberty-spiked Molotov cocktail of a listen. (BYO)