Wednesday Night Heroes Guilty Pleasures

Wednesday Night Heroes combine old school punk flavours with a more contemporary, positive edge. Despite the anger and aggression (and there are definitely plenty of both), there is an unmistakable positivity on Guilty Pleasures that is refreshing; it’s strange but even a song like "Uncivilized Bastard” has a hopeful feel. Themes of living for the moment, individuality and being true to yourself abound. At times, one can almost believe that if the guitar riffs were slowed right down they wouldn’t seem out of place on a pop punk record but when coupled with the unrelenting drumming and gang vocals, there’s no mistaking what this is: a great street punk album. WNH manage to take everything good about punk and boil it down to 12 powerful tracks. The straightforward rhythms, lightning fast guitars, yelled vocals and gang chants, socio-political commentary — everything’s on Guilty Pleasures. (BYO)