Missy Elliott Miss E... So Addictive

For Missy Elliott's third album, she has realised that there is a lot of competition out there between female MCs, so it's time to reinvent another style. Miss E... So Addictive, the follow-up to the disappointing Da Real World, is a big slice of R&B and hip-hop overtop the slick beats she and Timbaland have always been known to produce. However, the two of them seem to explore new boundaries and various musical genres to make a much better record than her last. "One Minute Man" has Missy showing off her rather nice singing voice while Ludacris backs her up to show that he needs more than a minute. "Get Ur Freak On," with its Asian instrumentation, is a hyper breakbeat assault that is definitely one of the best dance tracks of the year. "Old School Joint" is exactly what the title says, with an Off The Wall disco approach that is close to becoming a house track. "Take Away" disappoints, with Ginuwine taking over the spotlight, and is a throwaway slow jam that seems to steer away from Missy's talents. The two most interesting tracks on the record, which represent Missy's more eclectic interests, are "4 My People" and "X-tasy." The former borders on techno, with Eve joining her on some shout outs, and the latter explores Missy's curiosity for dub. With Missy introducing all of these new techniques, it won't be long before we hear more of the same from others. (Elektra)