Fleet Foxes Seemingly Spill the Beans on 'Ylajali' LP

Fleet Foxes Seemingly Spill the Beans on 'Ylajali' LP
Fleet Foxes have been dropping hints for months about their forthcoming album, and now it seems that frontman Robin Pecknold may have spilled the beans on some of the details of their third LP.

According to some Reddit sleuths [via Stereogum], Pecknold posted (and subsequently deleted) the above screenshot of Fleet Foxes' discography in his iTunes library. It contains four releases: 2008's Sun Giant EP, 2008's self-titled album, 2011's Helplessness Blues and an unknown album called Ylajali. The cover artwork is a shot of the Japanese coastline by photographer Hiroshi Hamaya.

The tracklist appears to be on Ylajali's album cover, although it's unfortunately not quite clear enough to read. There's a small "n" in the corner, which appears to be the Nonesuch logo. This would be a new record label for the band, who have released past efforts through Sub Pop/Bella Union.

The band announced in 2009 that "Fleet Foxes will never, ever, under no circumstances, from now until the world chokes on gas fumes, sign to a major label." That being said, Nonesuch is a subsidiary of Warner.

None of this has been officially confirmed, since Pecknold deleted the post. Stay tuned for more updates, which will presumably come sooner rather than later.