10 Weirdest Things the White Stripes Ever Did

10 Weirdest Things the White Stripes Ever Did
Well, it's official -- the White Stripes are broken up. We can't claim to be too surprised. After all, the band haven't done much since 2007, when they toured behind the album Icky Thump. Still, the news that they're done for good has caused us to reflect on some of the highlights of the much-loved garage rock duo's career.

Looking back over their six official LPs and legendary live performances, what really strikes us is this: the White Stripes were weird. We mean, really, a minimal blues duo dressed in candy-cane colours that managed to translate their lo-fi racket into a mega-successful money-making machine? We're still not sure how the hell that happened, but we're sure glad it did.

To commemorate the end of this great band, here's a list of the ten weirdest moments of the White Stripes' career. From the awesome, the frustrating and the downright baffling, here are some of the things that we'll remember Jack and Meg for.

The 10 Weirdest Things the White Stripes Ever Did:

10. Jack's Get Behind Me Satan-era goatee

The White Stripes were always a flashy-looking band, but really -- what was Jack thinking? This patchy bit of fluff on his chin was probably supposed to look devilish, but it ended up coming off like a cross between Orlando Bloom and Guy Fawkes. Unfortunately, Jack doesn't appear to have learned from this unfortunate look, as he's started sporting the goatee once again.

9. That MTV Movie Awards performance from 2002

This was the moment that the White Stripes officially hit the big time. And we, like the rest of the world, sat in front of our televisions thinking, "What the hell is going on?" Jack and Meg performed on a towering stage, with literally dozens of red-and-white-clad dancers running around on stage. The weirdest part comes when they segue from "Fell in Love with a Girl" into "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" and everyone suddenly starts doing the robot in slow motion.

8. "Who's a Big Baby"

The B-side to the 2005 single "Blue Orchid" was this genuinely baffling track, which features a computerized Meg White yelling out phrases like "Let's go shopping," "I want my mommy," and "Waaah!" It's hilarious and creepy and unlistenable, as the whole track sounds as if it was warped with bizarre tape effects.