Main Stage, Royal Athletic Park, Victoria BC, September 14

ZeusMain Stage, Royal Athletic Park, Victoria BC, September 14
Photo: Kim Jay
Despite being the opening band on the Main Stage Sunday afternoon at Royal Athletic Park, indie charmers Zeus managed to corral the majority of bodies milling the park simply by being Zeus. Before a note had been plucked, a beat laid, stage presence had already been established, the band's charisma evident in their onstage banter and endearing welcome to the early crowd. Bassist Carlin Nicholson interacted throughout the set, making the show seem more like a familiar jam session by a local band, one you wish could go on all night, and was perhaps happening in your own basement.

Past single "Strong Mind" drew the biggest response, naturally, but what was most surprising to those unfamiliar with Zeus was the interchangeability between instrument and musician — bass swapped out for drums, guitar for keyboard, and most of them picking up a drumstick at one point or another to wail on cowbell or a drum machine. The popularity of the set shone through well after it had ended, with dozens of festival-goers sporting brand new Zeus tees from the nearby merch table.

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